Young adventurers will have the chance to explore the house and find out more about the vast collection of paintings at a range of free fun events on the first Sunday of every month. Each month different artists will run free fun and creative drop-in workshop sessions to bring Kenwood’s world famous paintings to life as families work together to try out different arts and crafts.

At the next session in February Kate Kennedy is going to be exploring a pair of paintings by the Italian artist Francesco Guardi. The paintings were meant to be hung side by side because they show one complete view of the Grand Canal in Venice. On the left hand side is the church of San Simeone Piccolo and on the right is the church of Santa Lucia. These paintings were very common in the 18th century as people would travel the grand tour through Europe, ending up in Italy. They would buy souvenirs just like people today do and would buy paintings by famous Italian artists of views that they had seen. This session will allow modern-day explorers to create and take home their very own souvenir of their day at Kenwood House.

From February, on the last Sunday of every month English Heritage will also be introducing free drop-in story telling sessions.

All of the activities will be free, just turn up to take part.

Visit the English Heritage website for full details: