Come and meet a family of farmyard ducklings face to face and watch them take their first swim in their very own pool. The centre is offering special duckling walks and you’ll also get to see, and find out more about, a few of the other baby birds around the reserve. Look for broods of mallard ducklings – like wind-up toys – chasing after their mother; goslings waddling after their parents and coots feeding their chicks. If you’re lucky you’ll see grebe chicks hitching a ride on their mother’s back or lapwings babysitting their young which look like balls of fluff on two sticks!

The duckling theme will continue with daily interactive activities explaining more about these fluffy characters. Try your hand at egg yolk painting and join in with springtime themed games.

Throughout the week you’ll also be able to see colourful tropical butterflies close-up in a fascinating display and join an expert from Butterfly Jungles for talks about these winged wonders.

London Wetland Centre’s Chief Ecologist Richard Bullock said “Now spring has arrived we’re enjoying watching typical springtime behaviour on site. Look out for chicks, ducklings, goslings and cygnets and see how many different bird families you can find.”

From mallards and tufted ducks to swans and moorhens there will be plenty of busy bird broods diving, dabbling and pecking for food among the lakes and ponds. You might also spot dragonflies and lizards, and there will be plenty of colourful wild flowers to admire.

To find out more about these exciting events visit the WWT London Wildlife Centre Website