Wild birds of prey are regular visitors to WWT London Wetland Centre, but due to their speed and agility it is often difficult to get a really good look at them. So for three days in February London Wetland Centre is giving visitors the chance to see these magnificent raptors up close. Falcons, owls and hawks will be here with their handler, bird of prey expert Ben Long, from Saturday 16 – Monday 18 February. With their keen senses and aerial agility these avian hunters are perfectly adapted for seeking and catching their prey. This is a rare chance to see their fierce talons and bills, and stunning plumage at first hand.

Since WWT London Wetland Centre opened in 2000, 19 different bird of prey species have been recorded. Some are regular visitors, like the kestrels, sparrowhawks and a pair of local peregrine. Then there are the hobbies which hunt over the lakes and marsh in summer, the buzzards and red kites that drift over from the countryside, and the owls which are sometimes spotted as it gets dark. The real surprises can come during spring or autumn migration, with merlins, ospreys, black kites and harriers making appearances.

And throughout half term week, Saturday 16 - Sunday 24 February, we’re inviting you to get to know birds better with Wing Watch: join our special birdwatching walks, and get creative in our bird art and craft sessions. From looking at birds close up to finding out how to spot them in the wild, this is a wonderful opportunity for everyone – from families to birding beginners - to get to know our feathered friends.