This spectacular re-enactment brings together over 400 enthusiastic re-enactors from all over France, Italy and Argentina, under the banner of this year’s theme, "The accession of Augustus". It is the occasion, 2,000 years after his death, to pay tribute to this great emperor who turned Nimes, at the time a simple Latin colony, into a jewel in the crown of Roman Gaul. Step back 2000 years to relive the legendary ludi (games) in the amphitheatre just as the inhabitants of Nemausus (Nimes) would have done.

The accession of Augustus

The special nature of Great Roman Games organised by Culturespaces comes from their ability to combine extremely high standards with a strong educational and dramatic dimension. The chosen theme for the grand pageant of this 5th edition is: "The accession of Augustus." The first Roman Emperor and the founder of Nîmes, Augustus died in 14 AD, exactly 2000 years ago. To commemorate this anniversary, the historical evocation will recall how Octavius, great-nephew of Julius Caesar, became the Emperor Augustus in 27 BC, and will re-enact the battle of Philippi, which pitted the coalition of Brutus and Cassius – Julius Caesar’s assassins – against the legions of Octavius-Augustus, supported by those of Mark Antony.

But before saluting the triumph of the Emperor, spectators will witness the military pompa (a march-past of the troops before the emperor), the chariot races as well as the munus, the famous gladiator fights: Thracians against Murmillones, Retiarii against Secutores...

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