An easy booking process led us to arriving at Reykjavik harbour at 08.45 to board the boat taking us out on our sea adventure. The boat was extremely well equipped, and we donned the warm outer oilskin overalls, as despite the glorious blue sky and calm waters there was a distinct chill in the air, surely to be increased as we set out on the North Sea.

The Elding staff are extremely knowledgeable, and with a genuine interest in preserving sealife. We heard that whales are inhumanely killed to provide meat to support the tourist market, and that local people don’t eat it. Elding’s ethos is one of sustainability, and as such the company strikes a balance between environmental, economic, and socio-cultural aspects of this type of tourism. It was clear to see and hear the commitment of the on board team during our trip.

We sailed out of the harbour,enjoying the views of Reykavik behind us, and looking forward to our sea adventure on the horizon. It didn’t take long before the crew advised us to watch the big splashes on the surface in the distance. We were lucky to see a large pod of white-beaked dolphins. These beautiful animals were playful and active, leaping out of the water, whilst very close to the boat. We felt privileged to be so close to these wonderful creatures, they certainly interacted with the boat and its passengers.

We eventually had to leave this pod, and quickly came across another, smaller pod. They were not so inclined to be so active, but nevertheless, were amazing to watch. We had to turn around back to the harbour at this point, however, this didn’t mean the tour was over. We were lucky enough to see a minke whale surface a short distance from the boat, certainly giving us the opportunity to see this majestic animal at close proximity.

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