One of the world’s largest winter festivals, it is a magnet for the most talented stars in winter sports.

Visitors can enjoy amazing events including challenging ski jumps in the shape of volcanoes, mountain top to sea skiing, Arctic horseback riding and dog sledding championships.

In total 60 events will be running at the festival. The two main events are the AFP Gold freeski competition and the IWG open snowboard competition. Participants will include Henrik Harlut, two time gold medallist in X Games Aspen Big Air, and US Olympic medallist snowboarder, Scotty Lago.

Whilst at the festival it is worth checking out the breathtaking tours in super jeeps, helicopters, snowmobiles and even in green energy powered schooner boats! The focus is on intrinsically Icelandic activities such as skiing under the northern lights on Mt. Hlíðarfjall´s beautiful slopes and heliskiing on the Troll Peninsula, where the slopes reach from the mountain tops all the way to black sand beaches. Naturally, the photography opportunities will be fantastic!

The festival is based in Akureyri, Iceland's second city and the gateway to Iceland's north. Surrounded by mountains and located along a long fjord, it is an ideal location for this type of festival.

There is no doubt that the IWG will be an unusual event which will be exhilarating for visitors. Find out more by visiting: