It is the perfect destination to experience true culture and vibes.  It is worth checking out Tucan Travel who is launching another three new countries to their Budget Expeditions (18-35's) group tours. The addition of these new destinations allows travellers to visit every country on the South American mainland if they so wish – surely an experience for the bucket-list!

With unique cultures and a distinct Caribbean vibe compared to the rest of South America, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana are off the beaten track. To access these fascinating regions travellers will need to join a group tour in Quito, Bogota or Caracas, for a minimum of 35 days.

Tucan Travel is also launching a Colombia to Carnival, Guianas Explorer and Brazilian Coast tour.

Example mega-tour below:

Quito to Quito (199 days duration).  Price: £7339, plus local payment.

A once-in-a-lifetime adventure, starting in Quito and heading clockwise you will circumnavigate the continent visiting South America's greatest and most iconic sights. Relax on Colombia's stunning beaches and swing on hammocks as you sail through the Amazon Delta.  Enjoy soaking up the chilled-out vibe in Guyana, or enjoy the atmosphere of Rio’s Carnival.  Take time to partake in some of the best steak in the world in Buenos Aires, or take incredible hikes in Patagonia.  Travellers will obtain fantastic photographs in Salar de Uyuni, have time to explore the Inca Trek to Machu Picchu, and even trek through the Amazon Jungle, before finishing in Quito where you can round off your stay with a Galapagos Cruise!

To celebrate 28 years of passports stamped, air miles flown and happy customers, Tucan Travel is offering up to 30% off on all Budget Expedition tours booked which means clients can discover these additional regions at minimum cost.

Please telephone one of Tucan Travel’s reservations team on 0800 804 8435 to find out more.