The majority of Greek islands welcome visitors from Orthodox Easter until mid-October. It is hard not to immerse yourself in the laid back Greek lifestyle and Easter is a truly especial time. Visitors can look forward to experiencing traditions and ceremonies which give an insight into what Easter is all about. It will be a great learning experience in a fun way. It also a great family holiday as the Greek hospitality is very warm.

Traditions in abundance

Easter is a magical time in Greece and the countryside is stunning.  Holy Week is celebrated with reverence, but true pageantry peaks on Good Friday with the Epitaphios when a symbolic bier on which a wood effigy of Christ is led in candlelight procession around the parish.

Feasting on Easter Sunday

Guests can expect an al fresco communal feast with plenty of wine to celebrate this important occasion. With live local music, local shows and the best Greek entertainment it will be an event to remember. 

Of course, the food will be mouth-watering and treats include tsoureki, a sweet bread made of eggs, milk and butter, and kalitsounia which are cheese or herb pastries.

Who can I book a stay with?

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