There are eight new self-guided walking routes available, ranging from 2km to 32km, exploring inland and coastal areas. Each of the routes follows certain historical aspects, unique to Halkidiki. Investigate the paths taken by ancient kings leading troops into battle, or the routes taken by Aristotle as he developed his thought-provoking philosophies. Peruse the routes

Stunning Halkidiki is on Greece's eastern mainland and is made up of three peninsulas; Kassandra, Sithonia and Mount Athos. The eight walking routes focus on the relaxed area, north of Mount Athos.

The Aristotelian Route is the longest in duration and takes ramblers through various stages of Aristotle's amazing life.  Starting inland in the town of Stagira, where a park is dedicated to Aristotle, the route then winds for 32km past the Aristotelian Mountain to ancient Stagira, the birthplace of Aristotle. The route follows his footsteps taken over 2,000 years ago. 

It also passes sites where Aristotle meditated and philosophised, composing his well-known ‘Aristotelian Thought'. The ramble takes in the amazing plants of the Aristotelian Mountain, which are protected under Natura 2000, a treaty preserving the most beautiful natural areas in the EU. The miracle plants were given to Alexander The Great by Aristotle as medicinal cures and are still popular with locals today and used to add flavour to dishes.


Halkidiki is easily accessible with regular flights from London airports to Thessaloniki. Return flights from London Gatwick to Thessaloniki cost from £162 with British Airways 

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