Five guest brewers from the UK taking part at the 2014 Corfu Beer Festival are confirmed as The Little Beer Corporation (England), The Kelburn Brewing Company (Scotland), Conwy Brewery (Wales), Everards Brewery (England) and The Galway Bay Brewery (Ireland).

Each brewer will work together with Corfu-Beer from Greece to ensure that all guests at this year’s annual Corfu Beer Festival (8th to 12th October) will be able to experience a range of different ales and beers of various tastes and strengths.  Collaboration between Corfu-Beer and the UK guest brewers will see Corfu-Beer working closely with them in terms of ingredients and equipment so they can produce their own unique beers at the Corfu Microbrewery.   Guest brewers will travel to Corfu a month before the festival for brewing and quality control and October will see the return of the brewers to be able to serve their own brand during the five day festival.

Two brewers from England will take part.  The Little Beer Corporation is a Guildford based nano-brewery who focuses on quality, variety and creativity and have a motto of “Live a big life, drink a little beer”.  Everards Brewery from Leicestershire will also join to showcase their beers.  They are an independent family brewery established in 1849 and also own more than 170 pubs in the UK where they stock their award-winning ales.

Also taking part is The Kelburn Brewing Company, a family run business based in East Renfrewshire, Scotland.  The company is run by Derek Moore with his son Ross and daughter Karen.  After forming their company in 2001, they commenced brewing in 2002 and over their 12 years in operation their high standard of beer has won them more than 50 industry awards gaining a high reputable position in the trade. 

They have a permanent range of ales including Kelburn Cart Blanche, Cart Noir, Goldihops and Misty Law as well as a seasonal range of ales and specials.  Discussing the opportunity to join the Corfu Beer Festival this October, Kelburn Brewery family member Ross Moore said “We are looking forward to have the chance to brew in a different brew-plant, especially one in another country.  This will give our brewers a great experience and allow them to see if they can achieve similar results as we do here in Scotland”.

From Wales, Conwy Brewery will take part in the Corfu Beer Festival and recently won the Welsh Pale Ale competition with their ‘Honey Pale’.   Guests will also be able to enjoy beers from Ireland produced by The Galway Bay Brewery who believe in full-on flavours in their beers, producing small batches of beers using carefully selected hops to make a tasty brew with a punch!

Visitors to the festival will also be able to have the chance to drink the local beer from Corfu.  Corfu-Beer is a microbrewery based in Arillas and is Greece’s only real ale producing brewery.  The festival itself will take place at the Corfu-Beer grounds this October. 

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