Discover Saxony for the ultimate Christmas experience

Ready for an all-round festive experience? Then head to Saxony where enchanting off-the-beaten track markets in palaces and castles, festive miners' parades and unique traditions and deco...

Explore Saxony and Thuringia

It's never too early to look at this years holiday agenda, so here's our “Best of Cultural Heart of Germany 2018” with special events, anniversaries and travel ideas

Spring affair in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf never fails to disappoint visitors with its outstanding infrastructure and modern architecture

Black Forest delights

Southwest Germany is a popular holiday destination and provides great value for money. There is so much to do for all ages and below gives you an idea of the many experiences on offer

The Ruhr region’s only 'Flying Santa'

Spectacular show, fairy tales and medieval entertainment at Bochum's Christmas Market

Escape to Berlin

Berlin's stern facade and grim history can be daunting to visitors, but Germany's reborn capital has a soft centre that belies its Teutonic appearance. This once-divided city is now forw...

Beyond Berlin

Visitor attractions close to Berlin

Getting arty in Berlin

Discover where to see art in Berlin