As any child will tell you, Santa's sleigh is pulled through the air by a team of reindeer. And visitors to Bochum's Christmas Market will be able to experience this magical sight for themselves. Twice a day, Santa will fly the 125 metre distance above Dr.-Ruer-Platz while telling a Christmas story to the spectators below. “Set designers from Bochum Theatre have worked hard to bring this experience to life,” explains Mario Schiefelbein, Managing Director of Bochum Marketing GmbH, which is organising the Christmas Market.

And each weekend, Santa Claus, who is played by fearless high-wire artiste Falko Traber, a direct descendant of one of the oldest artistic families in Germany will, for the first time, additionally offer a special show highlight and one-of-a-kind experience in Germany, descending from the 84-metre-high Sparkasse building on a wire.

Crossbows and Grimm's tales

Alongside thrills and artistry, key attractions at Bochum's Christmas Market include the 200 lovingly decorated stalls. This year's event also boasts a medieval market in the area around the Pauluskirche church where adults can try their hand at longbow, or crossbow archery, while flickering torches light the way to the fairy tale marquee. Talking of fairy tales, tales from the Brothers Grimm, from Cinderella to Hansel and Gretel, will be retold in the festively decorated wooden houses along the market boulevard. Visitors can stop and listen to the story told in each house.

German Mining Museum and Jahrhunderthalle Bochum

The Christmas Market is not the only reason to visit Bochum this festive season. Why not take a longer break and visit the German Mining Museum or the Jahrhunderhalle Bochum? Originally a gas power station, the Jahrhunderthalle is currently hosting “Urbanatix”, a crossover spectacular incorporating both street art disciplines and international performing arts that was initially developed as part of the RUHR.2010 European Capital of Culture programme. The latest production, entitled “Urbanatix - sub:City” runs from 15th to 24th November. Urbanatix will be delving into the subterranean areas of our modern urban landscape and exploring aspects that fall beneath the radar of the general population.

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