It's that time of year when the sun sets late and temperatures are mild – the perfect weather to watch a sound and light show. See the façade of Rouen Cathedral come to life, this year narrating the stories of William the Conqueror and Joan of Arc, Rouen's most iconic figures, or follow ten colourful narratives celebrating France's journey to freedom during WW2, displayed on both Bayeux Cathedral and its magnificent Liberty Tree. Venture further south to the city of Sées and marvel at the annual light show projected onto its Cathedral, a national monument and well worth a visit. And, if you fancy something off the beaten track, visit the Manoir du Courboyer in the Perche Regional Natural Park for a spectacular lightshow about the heritage of this picturesque area, famous for its Percheron horses.

Summer nights in the city

It may come as a surprise to learn that Rouen has the highest number of bars per capita in France. With bars, pubs and clubs playing every kind of music, the city is the perfect place to party. Caen, home to over 30,000 students, is also a great place to go out. A particularly good way to sample the city's nightlife is to head to the Rue Ecuyère for a pub crawl you won't forget.

Mont-Saint-Michel by moonlight

Experience Normandy's most iconic landmark the Mont-Saint-Michel like never before, for when night falls on the bay this summer, not only will the famous abbey light up, it will also open its doors to visitors after hours. Visiting the mount at night when it's quieter makes for a magical atmosphere, so be sure to take advantage of one of the unique evening tours around the abbey, which this year will revolve around a lesser known inhabitant of the abbey, the peregrine falcon. Parking at the mount is free after 7pm and anyone under 25 gets in for free.

A night at the races

Enjoy an evening of family fun at the Cabourg Hippodrome and take your pick of races, games and concerts taking place every Tuesday and Friday night throughout the summer. Children can also take part in a whole host of activities including stable visits and photos with the horses.

Evening markets

Favoured by tourists and locals alike, evening markets are always bustling with life by sundown, and are a great way to spend a summer evening hunting for local produce and crafts. Partake in a bit of shopping in Cherbourg, where there will be market stalls and music on the quays every Thursday night as part of the city's popular event, Summer on the Quays. Wherever you happen to be staying in Normandy, there is bound to be an evening market not too far away.

Street arts

Normandy will host 12 street arts festivals this summer, with 700 shows featuring comedians, fire‑eaters, acrobats, jugglers, tightrope walkers and more. This month sees the return of the famous theatre company Royal de Luxe and their giant puppets to the port city of Le Havre as well as the return of Summer Fridays to the town of Bagnoles‑de-l'Orne, an action-packed programme of open‑air circus, magic, theatre and comedy performances. Be sure to make the most of the hundreds of free evening shows taking place all across the region.

Fireworks on the 14th July

Everyone loves fireworks, and the best time to watch a kaleidoscope of colour light up the night is around Bastille Day on 14th July. Once the sun sets, fireworks will be set off in villages, towns and cities all across Normandy to celebrate the birth of the French Republic, a sight not to be missed. Picturesque villages like Reuilly (near Évreux) will be holding an evening ball followed by a fireworks display for only €22 per person, whereas nearby village Pacy-sur-Eure will be celebrating with a free concert and fireworks display on the town square.

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