The region of Poitou-Charentes is proud to announce the 10th Nuits Romanes which is to be held from 28th June through until 13th September 2014. The extravaganza brings to life over 170 Roman monuments and buildings, highlighting the many architectural legacies found in the region.

Evening events – over 250 shows – whose aim it is to bring to light the region's exceptional Roman heritage and to highlight it's identity as well as explore or rediscover the many fabulous sites as viewed with a different perspective of these modern times. The shows and events offer an exceptional free and up-close cultural experience to a vast audience.

Every evening, shows conceived to match a venue's architectural heritage will see artists of national and international repute thrill audiences with their outstanding performances.

Events include a variety of artistic mixes such as street art, plastic art, pyrotechnics, concerts (jazz, lyrical, gospel, contemporary as well as music of the world) together with an opportunity to savour the region's many wonderful gastronomic delights and specialities.

The opening night (28th June) is to be held in St Savin-Sur-Gartempe in the superb Abbey which is a UNESCO world heritage site and where the Compagnie Group F will thrill audiences with their spectacular performances ( On the 13th September an evening in Melle which boasts a Roman "Triade" of churches is the venue for a thrilling evening's entertainment featuring the Compagnie Envolée Chromatique. (

With around 800 Roman churches and abbeys, Poitou-Charentes boasts one of the richest Roman legacies in the whole of France. These monuments stand as a testament to the splendour of the period. They can be marvelled at from afar as well as up close and all who enter these magnificent edifices are overwhelmed by their overpowering beauty – yet, there's no need to understand how the incredible architecture and construction was achieved, or how important their historical significance happens to be.

Nuits Romanes offers everyone the chance to reconnect with these magical, beautiful sites through the many superb artistic performances held in them. Last year in 2013, 127,000 people enjoyed the many events that were held throughout the summer.

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