Visitors can watch fishermen on horseback catching shrimp offerings, a most unusual sight!  Freshly caught shrimps will be the delicacy of the event, also hot bisque, prepared by the College of Horse Fishermen.

For those wishing to indulge in retail therapy the traditional Finnish market is ideal for purchasing holiday gifts.   There is also a shrimp fishing competition for children. The Mariette Shrimp street theatre will provide the musical entertainment, and there will also be a shrimp treasure hunt through the shopping streets of Oostduinkerke-Bad.

On 28th June guests can sample culinary delights such as fish and shrimp appetisers, and bisque.  An especial culinary dish will be created by guest chefs, led by the talented Chef Vincent Florizoone.

Soak up the fun atmosphere at the Shrimp Parade which brings to life the work of the local fishermen and interesting history about  Oostduinkerke.  This event will be led by Miss Shrimp (‘Mieke Garnaal’) and her guests.

On July 5th another foodie event takes place in Oostduinkerke at the Flemish Food Bash, with Gordon Ramsey leading the show.  Gordon and fellow chefs will demonstrate invaluable cooking tips behind the stove – watch and learn!  The atmosphere will be fantastic with rock ‘n’ roll musical entertainment and a top-notch DJ spinning the discs.

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