In addition guests this summer can be propelled through a dramatic Rocky Mountains-inspired landscape on the brand new 'Flying Eagle' rollercoaster and stroll into the expanded LEGOREDO Wild West town. For older kids the new LEGO House offers an interactive 'hands-on minds-on experiences' where they can experiment and express their imagination with LEGO bricks by moving through colour-coded 'Experience Zones' to solve puzzles and put their creative skills to the test.

LEGOLAND Billund Resort consists of unique family activities such as LEGOLAND®, the massive waterpark Lalandia® and exotic animals in GIVSKUD ZOO®. For those looking to take in some history along the way the Royal Jelling Experience Centre invites visitors into a sensory experience about the life and legacy of the Vikings and at Ribe Vikingecenter, visitors can dress up and live the life of a real Viking. The historic Koldinghus Fortress celebrates its 750th anniversary this year by displaying historic jewels as symbols of power throughout the years.

From coast to coast in mainland Jutland, rest assured that no one in the family will come short of interesting things to do on the pristine playground for young and old alike. LEGOLAND Billund Resort is easily accessed with Billund Airport located right in the heart of the area and daily flights with BA from London Heathrow.

Top attractions in Legoland Billund Resort

1. The original LEGOLAND® 50th birthday

This June, the original LEGOLAND® celebrates its 50th anniversary with an upgrade of the entire park including the new Flying Eagle rollercoaster, which opens this year in the expanded LEGOREDO wild west town. Only last year, the park saw the opening of the 5,100 m2 NINJAGO World which was built from 1,5 tonnes of LEGO Bricks.

2. Northern Europe's largest water park

Northern Europe's largest water park, Lalandia, located next to LEGOLAND® last year added to its aquatic adventures with the launch of the water slide Twister. The ride, which has a total of 102 meters, starts very high up in Lalandia and continues down full speed into a giant bowl, where you make several spins, before proceeding the ride down to the catch pool. There is also the chance to  try Europe's longest outdoor Wild River water slide or to dive down to the Cave Pool where they'll see colourful tropical fish swimming past in a huge underwater aquarium only a few centimetres away.


For animal loving families, situated 22 kilometres from LEGOLAND and Lalandia in Billund, GIVSKUD ZOO is a wildlife safari park where visitors can drive among lions and monkeys and see rhinoceroses, gnus, gemsboks, black horse antelopes and African buffalo roam free in large enclosures.

4. Visit the new LEGO House

Coinciding with the 85th birthday of the first wooden block and 60th birthday of LEGO's all important interlocking brick, LEGOLAND Billund opened a new sleek LEGO House in September 2017. The new 12,000 m2 building has been designed by the Bjarke Ingels architects to look like a cloud of interlocking LEGO bricks with a pile forming the roof of a new covered square leading to interconnected terraces and playgrounds. Inside, LEGO House is a hands-on minds-on experience where LEGO fans of all ages can come and experiment with LEGO bricks whilst expressing their imagination and creativity. After a day of building and learning, the LEGO House offers great options for food such as the MINI Chef family restaurant, where guests build their orders at the table and wait for it to be delivered on the conveyor band by the happy LEGO robots.

5. Meet the Vikings at Ribe Viking Centre

Stepping back to the time of the Vikings, families can see Viking history come to life at Denmark's oldest town, Ribe on the west Jutland coast. Offering a fascinating re-enactment of the Viking's way of life, at the Ribe Viking Centre visitors can grind flour using ancient techniques and bake flat bread over the flames in true Viking style. On a visit to the royal mint they can make their own copy of the coins in use in the eighth century at the marketplace by the Ribe Å river.

6. Visit the Rune Stones at Jelling

The Viking trail leads on to the UNESCO World Heritage site at Jelling, where the Viking king Gorm the Old and Harald Bluetooth erected two famous rune stones, built the largest Viking structures of the period and converted the Danes to Christianity. As a living memorial, the town features the recently opened Royal Jelling Experience Centre – where visitors can embark on an interactive journey back in time.

7. Visit Tirpitz – A Hidden Bunker Museum on the West Coast

On the coast of South-West Jutland, the Germans started building the Tirpitz Bunker as a part of the Atlantic Wall in 1944 but never finished it. Last year, the Danish architect group, Bjarke Ingels Group, completed the work on an impressive hidden away, state-of-the-art, glass and grass roofed museum in the coastal dunes that runs alongside the WWII bunker. Helping to bring the former historic building to life, the museum comprises four separate exhibition spaces featuring the Atlantic Wall, life on the Danish West Coast, the World's largest collection of amber and a visiting exhibitions area.

8. Go oyster hunting or on a seal safari in the Wadden Sea National Park

On the West Jutland coast the Wadden Sea National Park, which received UNESCO World Heritage status in 2014, is one of Denmark's most ecologically important areas as a home to birds, seals and native oysters. At low tide up to 700 seals fill the sandbanks on Sønderho beach on the island of Fanø and can be observed from the deck of a harbour cruise. Guided tours such as forage excursions for fresh oysters and to see the 'Black Sun' can also be arranged. 

9. Christiansfeld

Near to Jelling, the historic town of Christiansfeld is another recent addition to the UNESCO World Heritage listing.  This pretty little town, which was constructed between 1773 – 1800 is dominated by an impressive Moravian Church and is famed for its 'honningkager' or honey cakes, which we know as gingerbread. It's still possible to visit the bakery of the Moravian Brethren and see the famous gingerbread hearts being made.

10. Jump for joy at Gorilla Park in Vejle

Feel the thrill of swinging on 2km of tree top high ropes on six different courses with varying degrees of difficulty. Gorilla Park Vejle offers more than 100 great elements at heights from 1-21 metres including zip lines, Tarzan swings, base jumps, climbing walls, BMX and snowboard. The new Gorilla Big Swing is a pure adrenalin rush. Participants get the feeling of free falling from a height of 15 metres, before sliding into the swing and then a split second of weightlessness just as the return swing begins.

11. Bridge walking Little Belt: Europe's only bridge walking site

For adventurous families the old Little Belt bridge, which connects the region of Jutland to is easterly neighbour, the island of Funen, a new bridge walking experience opened in 2015. Until recently, bridge walking was an activity restricted to Sydney, Australia or Auckland, New Zealand. All that changed in May 2015 when Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, herself a native of Tasmania, inaugurated Europe's only superstructure built on top of an old bridge. Starting at the Welcome Centre in Middlefart and dressed in special overalls, visitors in groups of 20 meet their guide before stepping out on the footbridge to climb the stairs of the turret attached to a safety system. During the two-hour tour the guide will recount the story of the 1,125-metre-long bridge that connects Jutland to Funen and participants will be able to observe from 60 metres above sea level the architecture, construction and scenic countryside of the Little Belt whilst watching traffic passing beneath. Tickets cost 269 DKK (£28) per adult and children under 16 (over 140cm tall) 190 DKK (£20).

12. Explore Koldinghus – the last fortress of Jutland

This year, the Koldinghus Fortress in Kolding marks its 750th anniversary. The castle has served a number of important functions throughout history such as border control, royal residence and house of the local state administration. Today, Koldinghus houses Museum of Cultural History and to celebrate this year's anniversary, the fortress will invite visitors to see the Jewellery of Power, an exhibition which tells the story of Koldinghus through the impressive jewellery owned by the people who have in some way been related to the castle throughout history.

Be Happy Pass

With a Be Happy Pass for the children, guests of LEGOLAND Billund Resort will be able to access a range of additional activities across the region such as free skating lessons at Lalandia, feeding the animals with the zookeepers at Givskud Zoo or a free LEGO toy at the LEGO House.