There is so much to see and do that you will yearn to go back for yet another holiday!

Just take a look at a few experiences below:

Walk it, or ‘bike it!

One of the best ways to explore the region on foot, or by bike, is via Denmark's longest trail, the ancient Haervejen Road (Military Road).  Interestingly, parts of the route can trace their history back as far as 4000BC.

Wildlife spotter’s paradise

The south west coast is ideal for wildlife spotters who can visit the UNESCO protected Wadden Sea National Park. The area attracts an amazing 10–12 million migratory birds each year!

This huge wetland area is home to Denmark's largest population of spotted seals. Visitors can almost guarantee sightings of these lovely animals throughout the summer months.

Hunt the oyster

From October to Easter, the centre also organises for groups of oyster hunters to take a 3km guided walk out to the oyster beds.  Participants can enjoy picking and eating as many delicious oysters as they wish!

Do not miss the Black Sun!

Explore the best places to watch the natural phenomenon of 'The Black Sun'. This dance at dusk by huge numbers of migratory starlings takes place in the spring season.  It is an amazing experience.

Gourmet food

Visitors can try innovative, gourmet dishes, presented by top chefs.  The lamb, which is raised on the flat grassy marshland in the west, makes a particularly mouth-watering dish.

Travel detail

You can reach Denmark in less than 2 hours flying time from the UK.

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