Uniting music lovers, festival friends and holiday seekers from around the world, ‘The Garden’ is an unique experience during daylight and under star-speckled night-time skies.

Remember that Croatia is one of the former east European troublespots that beat a way to its independence with songs, poetry and unutterable beauty. The country is alive with it and even normal visits to its delightful towns and villages will reveal this intrinsic fascination with scores and lyrics. Three stages will be in operation for the seven days duration of the festival, at the twice daily Argonaughty and Arbiana boat parties and the breathtaking and fully open-air Barbarella’s Discotheque.

The fabulous setting is a playground for those seeking escape and sanctuary from normality. The site features a wide range of accommodation options, with the coastal village of Tisno offering further cost-effective villas, apartments, hotels and a copious choice of lovely food and drink, with islands, national parks and historic cities all close by. With an ever-expanding family of partners and crews, The Garden Festival has a star-studded cast playing the latest sounds. The secret island party also returns in 2014, and the first round of guest DJs and live acts will be announced early next year.

Tisno is situated right between Zadar and Split airports, with lots of flights from all over Europe to each of them. You should continue checking for deals to Croatia from the UK, on airlines that include Ryanair, Easyjet, Jet2, Wizz Air, German Wings and Croatia Airlines, as fares have now been released and there are some genuine early booking bargains to be had. Ryanair now flies from Liverpool and Edinburgh too, direct to Zadar, with the country never more accessible than ever it is today.

If you want a taste of the pleasantly unusual, in this veritable jewel of the Adriatic, then the recommendations could not come more willingly. Croatia is a lovely country, as you might have read in our recent review of the resort of Dubrovnik (tlm, summer 2013). Its people are always welcoming and very generous.

Get tickets (£120 ea) at: www.watchthegardengrow.eue