Colourful Rio de Janeiro is hosting the Olympic Games in August 2016.  Although exciting times are ahead, some holidaymakers may wish to explore Brazil’s other family-friendly experiences.

Beach bunnies

Rio de Janeiro is famous for its fabulous beaches and the Copacabana and Ipanema beaches are ideal for families. Also, on Sundays, the avenue near the other beaches in 'Zona Sul', the southern zone of Rio, are closed. With no cars on the road, many families take the opportunity to rent bikes, rollerblade, and walk or jog along the route and soaking up the picturesque sea views.

Why not visit a tranquil and traditional place named 'Baixo Bebe' in Leblon beach? Just on from Ipanema, this reserved area is filled with toys for children to play with and playground activities such as swings and slides. It is good to see that changing tables for babies are available, along with tables and chairs, and a refreshments kiosk. Hassle-free parent and child parking spaces are also located close by.

Boat escapades

Or even better, visit Paraty via boat and discover some of the 40 picture-postcard perfect islands around the bay. The boat tours in Paraty are perfect for children who can look out for monkeys on the shores and swim in the shallow bays at each stop. With crystal clear waters around the bays there are ample opportunities to swim in a real-life natural aquarium!

Culture vultures

Families can enjoy Rio’s lovely culture at Paraty Cultural House on Saturday evenings.  A fantastic selection of activities are available for children, including shows, storytelling and games. Teenagers are also catered for with movies and leisure taking place later in the evening.

Paraty is home to the Teatro Espaco and visitors can watch The Storytellers Group perform award-winning puppet shows every Wednesday and Saturday at the Teatro.

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