Secret Bays.

24° 20'0.94”N 76° 33'6.59”W

Hidden west of Soldier Cay and just east of Little Halls Pond Cay is a private bar open to the Atlantic Ocean but protected by a shallow sandbar reef. You can only access this remote bay by using the yachts' jet drives (these propel the yacht by forcing a jet of water out the back of the vessel). As the yacht turns to the west at Bell Island we cut out the jets and coast over a 4ft sandbar. For the final phase of the journey we re-engage the jets and pass over the sunken plane of O'Briens Cay to arrive in my favourite bay in the Bahamas. OCTOPUSSY can sit overlooking the Atlantic Ocean protected by a reef and anchored in only 6ft at low tide.

Meet the Locals.

I love taking guests to Compass Cay to meet Tucker, the local legend who owns the island with his sons. They greet everyone with “welcome home.” Here guests experience Bahamas hospitality and cuisine at its best. There is also an endless supply of local Kalik beer and Tucker invites everyone to swim with his 20 plus nurse sharks that live in the marina.

Shroud Cay is a great place for exploration on OCTOPUSSY's waverunners. At low tide we can venture across the entire island, jet skiing at high speed through the mangroves. Be warned, you can't stop while shooting across the 11 inch deep sandbar in the middle but when you make it across you enter into the stunning open waters of the Atlantic. We often spot a few pink flamingos on the island while cutting through the mangroves.

White Sand Workouts.

We launch all our watersports gear every morning before the sun rises. When anchored near Sandy Cay we recommend an early morning paddleboard over the white sand beach for a workout, some yoga or a swim. The crew can set up post workout refreshments on the beach including chia seed shots, fresh green juices and teas. Paddle back for a quick shower on the aft deck before enjoying breakfast on the bridge deck.

Catch Your Own Dinner.

OCTOPUSSY carries state of the art fishing equipment onboard and guests love when out chef cooks up their catch of the day. Just off Nassau, en route to the Great Bahamas Bank, there is an amazing reef sitting at just 3-5 meters deep. This is the perfect spot for spearfishing and we can fill the boat with lobster, snapper and grouper. Myself and my crew love and respect the Bahamas so we always follow the fishing season and fish considerately. While deep drop fishing off the Great Bahamas Bank it is possible to hook a tuna or barracuda, but just for the excitement of the catch. We always return them to the water.

Dining Experiences.

Aside from 5-star dining onboard OCTOPUSSY, the Bahamas offers many high-end dining experiences. Nassau boasts an array of exclusive restaurants including Greycliff, Nobu and Luciano's of Chicago. In the Exumas, Staniel Cay Yacht Club is a must, even if just for a sunset cocktail. For me, Macduff's, located on Norman's Cay, is a favourite. The island has a colourful history and before dinner guests can even dive a sunken plane wreck from the island's drug smuggling era in the late 70's and early 80's. Once guests have worked up an appetite our crew can take them in the OCTOPUSSY tender right onto the beach outside the restaurant. Macduff's offers amazing local options, my favourite is the conch burger.

M/Y OCTOPUSSY is available for charter in the Bahamas year round. Contact the Y.CO charter team to find out more.