Stay in Solitary Islands Lodge

Visitors to the Solitary Islands are welcomed to indulge in a night of luxury at the Solitary Islands Lodge. Visitors have access to diving, snorkelling and boating equipment to get up close with the marine life that call the warm waters their home. Located in Coffs Harbour, guests can enjoy a famous ‘Big Banana’ boat ride, visit the Butterfly Sanctuary or for those wanting more of a thrill, why not book a Skydive and enjoy the harbour and its neighbouring islands from above.

The Solitary Islands Marine Park

The Marine Park has over 550 species of reef fish, 90 species of hard coral and 600 species of molluscs and supports a range of threatened and protected species such as the grey nurse shark, black cod, turtles, whales, shore birds and rare marine algae. The North Island has the area’s highest reef fish diversity including Anemone Bay, the densest collection of anemones and anemone fish in the world, whilst the South Island is renowned for the large pelagic fish, turtles and abundance of shell animals and is the northern most breeding site known for giant cuttlefish.

Visitors are welcomed to sit back and enjoy the Park’s beaches, take part in some whale and dolphin watching, enjoy an afternoon fishing off the coastline or take a boat ride out into the deeper waters to enjoy the coastline from a different angle.  

Wooli Dive Centre

The Wooli Diving Centre is a PADI training facility offering snorkeling, tours and training for beginners through to the advanced diver. The school provides a number of different dive sites, each with different habitats and visitors can also enjoy snorkelling trips in the crystal clear waters at the southernmost point of the Great Barrier Reef. For those wanting to make a weekend of snorkelling and diving, the Woodi Diving Centre also provides accommodation on the edge of the Woodi river.