Stumped for ideas on where to go on holiday? Or do you have a travel-related query you cannot answer? Send us your questions using the panel opposite and tlm editor Iain Robertson will answer them – from his knowledge of the travel industry or with help from an industry expert.

Q) Hello, We have have some time off work booked from the last week in Sept to the end of the first week in Oct 13. Where will still be hot to go to visit. A bit of relaxing on the beach but with hire car available to go out and explore please?

Janine Pyper, York.

A) Hello Janine.

Thank you very much for your enquiry.

Late-September to early-October is actually a very good time to jet off on holiday.
I note that you are seeking a 'hot' location. Well, North Africa can be delightful. Try the Atlantic coast resort of ESSAOUIRA. You should be able to rent an Alamo car from the local airport (complete with air-con) and there is a modest choice of hotels in the town, from luxury, boutique-style to more affordable, yet comfortable properties.

During the 1960s, Essaouira was a haunt of both Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix, who loved it for its laid back attitude. If galloping on horseback along miles of golden beach, or surfing on the magnificent breakers are what you seek, Essaouira has those distractions in abundance. The street market and shopping areas are wonderful and boast truly low prices, while eating out is a charming experience. You will also fall in love with the locals.

If a more civilised location is what you seek, then try the town of Funchal on the Atlantic island of Madiera. Once you have visited there, you will return assuredly.

I hope that this is of help?

Best wishes and bon voyage!

Iain P W Robertson, Editor

Q) When is the best time to go ona River Cruise down the Danube? Regarding good weather but not midges in the evenings?

David Goodwin, Sheffield.

A) Hello David,

Naturally, it all depends on which sections of the River Danube you are cruising along, your vacation plans and the prevailing weather conditions. Central Europe can become repressively warm between July and late-September. If it rains, and if you happen to be in a densely forested area, apart from uncomfortable levels of humidity, the local wildlife (notably Nematoceran Diptera, or midges, and even mosquitoes) will wish to indulge in a 'dining-out' experience of their own. My advice is to have plenty of anti-midge/mosquito spray on standby and do not leave windows open at night-time. Personally, I prefer the Danube around May-June and the prices are slightly better too.


Iain P W Robertson, Editor