It is no secret that Antigua is famous worldwide for its luxury beach resorts and it is not difficult to see why. The sandy beaches on the island are dazzling and it is a true taste of paradise. Although many holidaymakers enjoy resort accommodation, it is also worth considering other options to try something a little different.  

History in abundance

'Gunpowder Suite' in Admiral's Inn

Caribbean lovers looking for a room drenched in history can head to Admiral's Inn in the historic Nelson's Dockyard on the south coast of Antigua.  The 23 room’s inn is set in 4 historic buildings dating from the 18th century and the luxury 'Gunpowder Suite' is fantastic. This is attached to a wonderfully restored 18th century gunpowder store, large infinity swimming pool, and a balcony overlooking Nelson's Dockyard and the bay.The entire Admiral's Inn hotel is infused with this history.


Overnight stays start from £333 in high season.


Barbuda Belle, Barbuda

The 5-stars Barbuda Belle on Antigua's twin island of Barbuda sits within the Codrington Lagoon Park. Of course, every care is taken to minimalise its impact on the stunning pink sand island.The 'green' resort has solar energy, careful water conservation and sustainable cuisine. 

Each meal prepared uses only the freshest and locally sourced ingredients on the island. The island is located next to the largest colony of frigate birds in the western hemisphere. It is reassuring to know that both hotel and birds coexist peacefully with minimal disturbance to the environment.

Each of the six beachside bungalows has their own private balcony with stunning views over the nearby mangroves. Barbuda is accessible by boat or plane from Antigua.

There is no room for disappointment on a holiday to beautiful Antigua. Find out more by visiting