Whatever your reason, there has been a significant rise in people of all ages taking long periods of time away from the working world to travel and gain a new perspective. In fact Tucan Travel have seen a rise in bookings for their longer tours - tours that definitely exceed the average person's annual leave allowance! 

There is no doubt that people have itchier feet than previous generations, and it's not just because they love to travel more, afterall people have always loved to explore, just look at Christopher Colombus! But things are changing. Air travel is cheaper and more accessible, countries that were once considered dangerous are opening their doors and concepts such as Airbnb, couch-surfing and comparison websites are making travelling easier than ever before. You will probably have seen 30 beautifully curated photos of exotic destinations before your morning shower thanks to Instagram. Inspiration is all around us and taking a break to dive deeper into the world is an exciting prospect.  

Are you worried a career break will reflect badly on your CV? Don't be! While they were once considered a blip in your working career, career breaks, or sabbaticals as they are often known, are not only accepted but are now often encouraged by employers. Emphasise what you did, the skills you learned and how it shaped you as a person. You'll have stories to tell, a fresh outlook on life and a clearer idea of who you are. There is one thing that Tucan Travel unanimously believe. Travel breaks down barriers. It opens your eyes to the world, new cultures, new beliefs and ways of thinking. If you have been considering taking a career break and exploring some more of the world, do it! 

Do you have an extended period of time to travel and want to see as much as possible? 

Below are a selection of Tucan Travel's longest group tours:

Ultimate South America / 55 Days / Cartagena to Rio de Janeiro / From £8618 plus local payment of US1150 

Highlights of Africa / 53 Days / Nairobi to Cape Town / From £5518 plus local payment of US2810

Eastern Europe Discovery / 66 Days / Moscow to Istanbul / From £5212 plus local payment of US1020

Complete Southeast Asia / 57 Days / Hanoi to Singapore / From £2768 plus local payment of US690