FIND EYE-CATCHING HIDDEN GEMS IN CHINA >>> Rainbow Mountains & Mati Temple Hike
Travel where few international visitors have been before on a brand new trip in northern China. The historic city of Zhangye (or Changyeh) used to be an important point on the fabled Silk Road, as it used to serve as the last stop before Jiayuguan, the westernmost end of the area controlled by the mighty Chinese Ming Dynasty. An expert local guide will introduce you to the region’s sites of historical significance, such as the 1,400 ancient Wei Jin Tombs, reputedly the world’s largest underground ‘art gallery’, and the Overhanging Great Wall, a medieval military defence system built on the eastern slope of the formidable Black Mountain. Enjoy sunset over the otherworldly Rainbow Mountains (24 million years of sandstone and other minerals have created a layer-cake effect) and explore the rock-hewn Mati Temple, set within verdant foothills, whose Taoist 33 Heavens Grottos are carved in the shape of a pagoda into the cliff face.
• NEW! Rainbow Mountains & Mati Temple Hike with World Expeditions (6 days) launches 5 May, with further departures until September, from £1,090 per person

CAMP BY THE FLAMING ‘DOOR TO HELL’ IN TURKMENISTAN >>> Silk Road Journey: From Tashkent to Turkmenbashi with Richard I’Anson
A truly inspirational journey across Central Asia that weaves through the region’s rich cultural highlights – from the enlightening museums of Tashkent and the iconic Registan of Samarkand to the ornate Summer Palace of Bukhara and the ancient city of Khiva. A highlight will be camping in Turkmenistan by the Darvaza Gas Crater, the so-called ‘Door to Hell’, a collapsed natural gas pocket that has been continually burning for the past 40 years. The trip will be led by internationally renowned photographer Richard I’ Anson, whose published work includes Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Photography and Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Photography Tips. Ideal for anyone with a special interest in travel photography, it will offer participants the opportunity to develop, no matter what equipment is used, their technical and creative skills through informal tuition, discussion and feedback while taking photographs in these inspirational locations across Central Asia.
• NEW! Silk Road Journey: From Tashkent to Turkmenbashi with Richard I’Anson with World Expeditions (15 days) departs 4 June, from £3,590 per person

SET FOOT WHERE VERY FEW ARE ALLOWED TO >>> Russia’s Ring of Fire - Kuril Islands
A new expedition that explores one of the most geologically active and biologically rich parts of the planet: the large number of live volcanoes on the Kamchatka Peninsula and along the Kuril Islands has earned this part of the world the reputation of the Pacific’s ‘Ring of Fire’. The trip focuses on the region’s extraordinary biodiversity, spending a week at the remote Kuril Islands, which stretches across the Bering Sea between Russia and Japan. Travelling to the islands is notoriously difficult, with access restricted for international visitors and locals alike; those lucky enough to get here will have virtually all to themselves a land of stunning bays and snow-capped volcanoes, approximately 40 of which are still active. The first landing at the Kuril Islands promises to be a highlight: uninhabited Atlasova, the chain’s northernmost island, is home to the archipelago’s tallest volcano, which forms a quasi-perfect cone rising steeply out of the sea.
 NEW! Russia’s Ring of Fire - Kuril Islands with World Expeditions (13 days) launches 28 May 2019, from US$7,650 (approx. £5,895) per person

The Kingdom of Aksum, in modern northern Ethiopia, was one of the first Christian countries in the world, having officially adopted Christianity as the state religion already in the 4th century. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church uses the old, 13-month Julian calendar and this new trip joins in the traditional, centuries-old celebrations for ‘Genna’ (Christmas) in Lalibela and ‘Timket’ (Epiphany) in Gondar, both of which are observed in January. During ‘Genna’ expect to see solemn processions of candle-holding churchgoers dressed in white ‘shammas’ with bright colourful stripes, while at ‘Timket’ you will watch a lively re-enactment that uses a model of the ‘Ark’ to commemorate the baptism of Jesus Christ in River Jordan. The itinerary is designed to showcase Ethiopia’s rich mosaic of cultures and ethnic diversity, from the colourful sprawl of Addis Ababa and the ancient obelisks of Axum to the tranquil island monasteries of Lake Tana and walking in the beautiful Simien Mountains.
• NEW! Festivals of Ethiopia with World Expeditions (16 days) launches 5 January, from £2,590 per person

With the local government estimating that one sixth of the state’s total population has been directly or indirectly affected by the recent flood disaster – the worst in nearly a century – World Expeditions is encouraging travellers to visit Kerala now, rather than postponing their trip or avoiding the region completely. This new trip visits the historic coastal town of Kochi before exploring the scenic trails of this iconic part of southern India. Described as the ‘Great Escarpment of India’, the mountain range of Western Ghats is considered as one of the eight ‘hottest hot-spots’ of biological diversity in the world: at least 325 globally threatened species can be found here (according to the IUCN Red Data List), while its “geomorphic features of immense importance with unique biophysical and ecological processes” are protected by UNESCO. Walk through cardamom forests, rainforest tracks and tea and spice growing areas and prepare yourself to come face to face with endemic wildlife.
• NEW! Trails of Kerala & Tamil Nadu with World Expeditions (9 days) launches 25 November, with further monthly departures until April, from £1,150 per person

TRAVEL TO THE END OF THE WORLD >>> Dientes Circuit on Navarino Island
World Expeditions will wrap up the year with the addition of one of its most exhilarating new itineraries in South America: a trek of the Dientes Circuit, the southernmost circuit on earth, on the remote Navarino Island in the far south of Patagonia. Launching in December, only a handful of people undertake each year the Dientes Circuit on Navarino Island, which is part of the Commune of Cabo de Hornos, the southernmost commune in the world. Named after the Dientes de Navarino mountain range, the 26-mile remote wilderness trek follows alpine lakes, glaciers and jagged rock pinnacles offering spectacular views throughout – from the windswept Wollaston Islands and the dramatic Beagle Channel to the legendary Cape Horn, as well as the settlements of Ushuaia (Argentina) and Puerto Williams (Chile). Although there is no altitude involved, the trip is suitable only for experienced trekkers due to the region’s unpredictable weather conditions.
• NEW! Dientes Circuit on Navarino Island with World Expeditions (6 days) launches 18 December, with further departures until early March, from £1,750 per person

STEP OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE IN BOLIVIA >>> Triple Peaks of Bolivia with Simon Yates
Join a thrilling expedition in South America that aims to conquer three 6,000m peaks in the breathtaking High Andes of Bolivia. Led by Simon Yates, one of the most accomplished mountaineers of his time and best known for his harrowing expedition to the Andes as documented in ‘Touching the Void’, the itinerary provides the perfect mix of challenge and exploration with three great climbing objectives – including the highest volcano in the country, the perennially snow-covered peak of Sajama, which is situated in the northern Cordillera Occidental. Following a sound acclimatisation schedule with time spent in La Paz and the Island of the Sun on Lake Titicaca, the trip includes two full days of alpine skills instruction before climbing commences; despite being technically graded as ‘Intermediate Mountaineering Expedition’, it can also be joined by beginners with an excellent level of fitness and experience trekking at altitude (as a minimum).
• NEW! Triple Peaks of Bolivia with Simon Yates with World Expeditions (20 days) launches 28 July, from £3,090 per person

GET HANDS ON IN THE HIMALAYA >>> Re-Build Nepal: Lura School & Lower Solukhumbu Trek
As part of World Expeditions’ ongoing ‘Re-Build Nepal’ programme, this new project will aim to build over 10 days two new classrooms for the Manju Shree Primary School in Lura village, which is located in the Solu Khumbu region of eastern Nepal. Lura, a small subsistence farming village, as well as the nearby communities of Roshi, Arubot and Boldo send their children to this school. The trip will give the opportunity to anyone who wishes to physically contribute to the rebuilding efforts of the country, which at some parts is still recovering from the 2015 catastrophic earthquakes. Under the instruction of a local project manager, participants will help to build new classrooms for the children attending ‘Reception’ and ‘Grade 1’; no specific skills are required and all materials and equipment will be provided onsite. Following the community project work the group will spend six days trekking through Everest’s lesser known Lower Solukhumbu region.
• NEW! Re-Build Nepal: Lura School & Lower Solukhumbu Trek with World Expeditions (20 days) launches 17 February, from £2,090 per person

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