These are truly inspiring adventures exploring locations that are only now becoming accessible to photographers. A first sighting of this unique Arctic wonderland is sure to make a photographer's heart beat that little bit faster.
The largest island on earth, Greenland is a place of superlatives, a landscape of towering icebergs, huge glaciers and the dancing Northern Lights, all far from the tourist trail. Each of these four small group trips (two in autumn and two in winter), is led by highly acclaimed, expert photography tutors, each an experienced 'aurora' shooter, who offer individual advice and tips on technique. Providing tuition in some of the island's most spectacular locations, the tutors ensure each group member returns home with an impressive portfolio of images, not to mention some lifelong memories.

West Greenland in Autumn – Icebergs, Glaciers and Inuit Settlements
Greenland's tundra glows with colour in the autumn and the big skies are perfect for aurora spotting. From Reykjavik, the group flies north over Greenland's vast ice cap to Ilulissat on the west coast. Here, in a modern hotel overlooking the incredible ice fjord (Greenland's only UNESCO World Heritage site), is the guests' base for four nights. Meaning 'icebergs' in West Greenlandic, Ilulissat is the perfect location for capturing these spectacular ice forms. Travelling by boat, the group navigates the ice-filled waters at sunset and sails to small settlements still alive with ancient traditions and a culture still very much tied to the ocean and the prevailing weather conditions. As well as a walk to the ancient settlement of Sermermiut, with relics from over 4,000 years of Inuit culture, there are guided hikes up into the hills to capture the icebergs at sunset. Close up photography is also possible in the town's market, where the day's harvest is sold directly by the hunter or fisherman.

Two nights are spent in Qeqertarsuag on Disko Island, a town founded by Danish whalers in the 1700s. The landscapes here are dramatically different to the rest of Greenland with brightly coloured houses dotting the rocky bluffs and a dramatic backdrop of basalt mountains. Guests can focus on the small fishing boats as they come and go from the tiny harbour, bringing in their catch of halibut, crab and seal, walk along the black sand beach (perfect for macro work) and take a boat trip to the tiny island of Kuánit to capture the remarkable sea arches. Later in the week the party spends a night in the tiny Inuit village of Oqaatsut, where they are treated to a dinner of traditional Greenlandic cuisine.
Price: from £3,950pp including return flights from Iceland-Greenland, transfers, boat tours, tuition, guided walking, 9 nights' full board accommodation (4n Ilulissat, 2n Qeqertarsuag, 1n Oqaatsut village, 2n Reykjavík). UK to Iceland flights cost extra. Depart 31 August and 10 September 2018.
West Greenland in Winter – Icebergs, Glaciers and Inuit Settlements
Alternatively, travel to the high Arctic in winter when the season's sunsets are at their most spectacular. Staying three nights on Oqaatsut, enjoy a voyage on a traditional wooden fishing boat through iceberg choked fjords, and take a sled ride across the frozen tundra on this trip to Greenland as it starts to shrug off winter.  In line with the autumn departures (above), the two winter trips also take in Ilulissat and Reykjavik.
Price: from £4,250pp including return flights from Iceland-Greenland, transfers, boat tours, full tuition, 9 nights' full board accommodation (4n Ilulissat, 3n Oqaatsut and 2n Reykjavík). UK to Iceland flights cost extra. Departures: 22 February and 4 March 2019.

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