Fitness Wellness is a new integrating concept that combines physical and mental well-being to promote long lasting health. Through its affiliation with ABSOLUTE YOU, ABSOLUTE SANCTUARY has successfully integrated ABSOLUTE YOU's uniquely designed exercise programs including Yoga, Pilates Reformer, Core suspend, rhythm cycling and food programs with world- class Detox programs , emotional and healing spa therapies to offer cutting edge fitness wellness programs, the benefits of which will last a life-time.

In line with their fitness wellness concept, ABSOLUTE SANCTUARY is upgrading its facilities and guests can expect a larger gym and the addition of a rhythm cycling studio by the New Year.  With these inclusions, the award winning resort is a clear winner in not only offering a complete fitness experience but also high quality group classes with its unique exercise programs and highly trained instructors.

In celebration of the new ABSOLUTE SANCTUARY, the38-room boutique resort has also launched 2 new wellness programs: LIFESTYLE CHANGE and MEANINGFUL HOLIDAYS. The lifestyle change program is a structured 30 or 60-days program for people looking to completely transform themselves and committed to achieving the best that they can be with the support of our program. The meaningful holiday on the other hand is a short 3-day getaway that moves away from packaged programs to a more relaxed getaway leaving guests free to design their own dedicated wellbeing experience. It is perfect for those new to wellness holidays and want an easy introduction. 

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