Did you know that helping with conservation offers many memorable opportunities including working with orphaned and mistreated baboons in South Africa, helping protect turtles in Costa Rica, assisting in the conservation of Thailand’s elephant population and wildlife in Borneo. 

Why picking a volunteering holiday?

It seems there has been a noticeable rise in such family holidays in 2016 compared to 2015.

A specialist in providing a holiday with a unique purpose is Oyster Worldwide who offers plenty of experiences for families seeking adventure and a happy conscience.  Customers can pick from a short one-week holiday to longer-term experiences.

Join the conservation team working with orphaned and mistreated monkeys and baboons in South Africa

This project has been very popular with family groups and lasts from one to two weeks. Families play an active role in rehabilitating these wonderful creatures back into the wild.

Costa Rica turtles

Another project which Oyster Worldwide has found to be popular with families is their Costa Rica turtle conservation experience. With this project, families can enjoy the golden sandy beaches of Costa Rica while also helping to protect turtles from extinction.

Elephants and wildlife needing protection

Other family volunteering projects offered by Oyster Worldwide include volunteering with elephants in Thailand and wildlife conservation in Borneo.

You cannot beat spending time together as a family and making a difference where it matters most. Find out more about conservation holidays by visiting: