If you are looking for unique, safe, and responsible encounters in far-flung places, then look no further than Aqua-Firma.

The company is committed to protecting our planet and its Rainforest4Climate programme works to offset carbon emissions and protect diversity. The scheme aims to help achieve permanent protection for areas of rainforest for which, without the Fund's donations, would not be protected against deforestation.

Below highlights the protection which Rainforest4Climate made possible in 2015, providing funds through the programme to protect over 11,000 acres of rainforest including:

•10,000 acres out of a total 3.7 million acres of new national park created by the Rainforest Trust in the Peruvian Amazon

•In Ecuador Aqua-Firma, with Rainforest Concern, co-funded the purchase and protection of Choco-Andean cloud forest. Interestingly, this funding has extended the habitat of a newly-discovered mammal named the Olinquito.

It is good to know that the Rainforest4Climate programme donates to the Fund each time a client books a travel experience too. This donation amounts to as much as £50 for certain trips.

You cannot beat visiting wondrous parts of the world such as the Arctic, Antarctica and the rainforests of Latin America knowing you are helping protect the environment. More travel experiences are planned this year including trips to the rainforests of Ecuador, Peru, Papua New Guinea, Borneo, Costa Rica, Mexico, Uganda, or Tanzania. The selection of trips is fabulous and there is no room for disappointment.

If you would like to find out more about travelling with a conscience, please telephone Aqua-Firma on 01428 620012.