Meeting orang-utans, Sabah: Close-up encounters with the beguiling “old men of the forest”, whose territories are under increasing threat. Imaginative Traveller:

Orang-utans in Sabah – photo © TUI Activity


Tracking and tagging rhinos, South Africa: Help conservation programmes by joining trekking tours with Save the Rhino ( or tagging and releasing them with &Beyond (

Help tag rhinos – photo © &Beyond


Swim with whale sharks, Western Australia: Stay in tents in a wilderness camp on a beach by Ningaloo Reef and enjoy nature-based activities including swimming with awe-inspiring but harmless whale sharks – the largest living sharks.  Bridge & Wickers

Swimming with a whale shark – photo © Bridge & Wickers


Tracking snow leopards in India: Track the elusive snow leopard on a 13-day exploration in the Himalayas from Leh, the former mountain capital of the ancient kingdom of Ladakh. PlanetWildlife

Snow leopard – photo © PlanetWildlife


Penguin parade, Antarctica/Falklands: See vast numbers of penguins on Antarctica expedition cruises with Hurtigruten (, Compagnie du Ponant ( or on the Falklands Islands, home to 750,000 of them – 25 times the number of inhabitants. Windows on the Wild

King and gentoo penguins, Falklands – photo © FITB

Hurtigruten’s Fram and penguins – photo © Hurtigruten


Jaguars, Pantanal region, Brazil: The jaguar is one of nature’s most elusive big cats, but clients travelling on nine-day Quest for the Jaguar tours from Reef & Rainforest Tours ( have enjoyed a 97% success rate for sightings in the past four years.

Jaguar – photo © Reef & Rainforest Tours


On the trail of wolves, French Riviera: Wild wolves have returned to the Mercantour National Park in the French Riviera bordering Italy in the last 20 years, and you can track them with a guide on a five-day walking holiday with Spacebetween (

Track wolves in France – photo © Spacebetween/Dave Willis


• Monarch migration, Mexico: Witness the spectacle of monarch butterflies congregating in their millions in cloud forests on their migration, on a nine-night trip with Black Tomato (

Monarch butterflies – photo © Black Tomato


Turtle hatchlings, Heron Island, Australia: Every year around Easter, thousands of baby turtles emerge from nests on the island’s beaches to scurry down to the sea after adults return to the location where they were born between November and March to lay their eggs. Guests at Heron Island Resort ( are encouraged to learn about the island’s reef research station.

Turtle hatchling, Heron Island – photo © Heron Island


• Starling ballet, Denmark: Sort Sol, or Black Sun, is a phenomenon which takes place each spring and autumn in Denmark’s south-western Jutland, when up to a million starlings wheel through the sky like an aerial ballet as they fly to and from the marchland roosts, often obliterating the sunset. Visit Denmark

Starlings flocking – photo © Visit Denmark



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