The ‘wow’ factor: Located on Main Street, in downtown Dallas, Texas, the Joule is a massive jewel, albeit in the crown of American ingenuity, design (by Adam D Tihany) and style. Within a revitalised 1920’s neo-Gothic building, its rooftop, cantilevered pool introduces a breathy air of surprising freedom to the sultry, subterranean pull of its PM Nightlife Lounge. Each of its 121 guestrooms and suites is a sleek and positive expression of contemporaneousness. Of course, the infinity pool, which reaches eight feet beyond the hotel’s structure and incorporates a glass window at its end, provides swimmers with the sensation of plunging off the building’s edge into thin air. It is magical.

Did you know?: Its 38-feet length is filled with heated salt water for the ultimate swimming experience…you float more readily. Passers-by at road level can even look upwards at your antics. A rooftop café allows guests to relax on the sprawling pool decks, where it is simply no trouble at all for the attendants to serve up creative cocktails, including the Blossom, Tangerine Mojito, Cucumber Sage Margarita, the Arnie,
Watermelon Sangria and Grape Cooler. They are just some of the pool’s specialty offerings. Other VIP treatments include cooling lavender mists and sunglass spritzing, upon request.

Getting there: A stay at The Joule, in Dallas, starts from around £265 per double room, per night, including taxes and charges. Tel: 00800 325 45454

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