Seeing the Iguazu Falls in Argentina ©  Wexas 

The wow factor: Not just one waterfall, but a chain of some 270-plus individual cascades make up the gloriously-beautiful Iguazu Falls, which lies on the border between Brazil and Argentina and is surrounded by two subtropical rainforest national parks designated as World Heritage Sites. Iguazu spans almost two miles (3km), with many of the falls punctuated by islands, and the highest cascade plunges over 260ft (80m).

Did you know? Iguazu Falls has featured in movies including Moonraker (1979), The Mission (1986), Miami Vice (2006), and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008).

Experience: WEXAS Travel offers a 13-night itinerary from £4,995 which includes a two night stay at Iguazu Falls, tours of both the Argentine and Brazilian sides, excursions with English-speaking guides, flights and additional stays in Rio, Salvador, Ouro Preto and the Amazon. An 11-day trip from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro with G Adventures, costing from from £949, includes two full days at Iguazu Falls.,

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