Sperm whale off Kaikoura, New Zealand – photo © Peter Ellegard

The encounter: Marvel at the oceans’ leviathans on whale-watching trips from the Azores to South Africa, Mozambique, California, Hawaii, Newfoundland, Quebec, Cape Cod, Dominica and New Zealand.

What’s involved: Boat trips take visitors out to where whales congregate or pass on migration. Some can be viewed from the shore, such as off Mozambique (humpbacks) and along South Africa’s Cape Whale Coast, where common species are Southern right, humpback and Bryde’s whales. Hermanus even has its own whale crier. Sperm whales are a big draw off Dominica, the Azores and New Zealand’s Kaikoura, with grey, blue and humpback whales off US and Canadian coasts. 

Do it: Five nights in Monterey, California, with Bon Voyage and costing from £1,095 includes two half-day whale-watching trips. To Escape To has seven nights at Mozambique’s Nuarro Lodge from £1,819. Local operators’ whale-watching trips include Dive Dominica, costing about £30 (children £16) and Whale Watch Kaikoura, at about £75 (£30).

www.bon-voyage.co.uk, www.toescapeto.com, www.cape-whaleroute.co.za, www.whalewatchazores.com, www.divedominica.com, www.whalewatch.co.nz

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