close up with killer whales – photo © Frontier Canada

The encounter: Paddling a kayak alongside killer whales, or orcas, is a never-to-be-forgotten experience. Johnstone Strait, off mainland British Columbia, Canada, is the best place on earth to sea kayak with killer whales in the wild. Most of BC’s 220 resident orcas return there between July and October each year.

What’s involved: Stay in a permanent tented wilderness camp with an experienced paddler guide and encounter pods of the friendly orcas close up from your sea kayak. Among other wildlife you may see are dolphins, sea lions, harbour seals, minke whales, otters, eagles and black bears.

Do it: Frontier Canada offers five-day Orcas & Wilderness Camping kayaking trips from Campbell River, Quadra Island or Port McNeill, costing around £800. They include paddling on three days in search of the killer whales.

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