Dancing on ice at Winterlude – photo © Ottawa Tourism

Quebec Carnival’s Bonhomme – photo © Tourism Quebec/Xavier Dachez

The events: Fun annual celebrations of winter in neighbouring provinces Ontario and Quebec with lots to do for the whole family. www.carnaval.qc.ca/en

When: Winterlude takes place this year from February 3-20; Quebec Carnival is from January 27-February 12.

What happens: Quebec City’s annual winter carnival is the largest of its kind in the world and has been going for over 50 years. It features parades, night events and activities from family fun to extreme, including snow rafting, snow-tube slides, skating, dogsled racing through Old Quebec and a canoe race on the frozen St Laurence River. Winterlude features skating, sledding and walking along the frozen Rideau Canal, snow and ice sculptures, a gigantic snow playground and shows.

Do it: Cosmos has a six-night Quebec Winter Carnival tour, from £1,375, with departures up to February 8, including flights and a stay in Montreal, then a VIA Rail trip to Quebec City for four nights with a Winter Experience Passport giving access to carnival events and activities. Bridge & Wickers offers three-night stays in Ottawa for Winterlude from £1,043, including flights.

www.cosmostoursandcruises.co.uk, www.bridgeandwickers.co.uk

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